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Marriott Library Special Collections

Marriott Library Special Collections has a variety of material related to LGBT history.

Blessing is a 17 minute narrative describing a devout Mormon's Priesthood blessing and his gay son's participation in the ceremony.

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Records (1957-1994) consist of documents concerned with the administrative functions of the local chapter and the civil liberties issues with which the chapter was involved. Though the collection covers the organization since its founding in 1958, the bulk of the collection consists of records from the directorships of James Joy (1974-1976), Shirley Pedler (1976-1987), Robyn Blumner (1987-1989) and Michele Parish (1989-1992). Documents from the early years of the organization, as well as from the directorship of Steve Cook (1972-1974), are also found.

The Gay and Lesbian Center of Utah records (1976-2001) contain correspondence, meeting minutes, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, manuals, contracts, publications, financial documents, office files, administrative files, subject files, posters, and memorabilia. The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Utah (GLCCU), also known as the Utah Stonewall Center, opened its doors in June 1991. The mission of the center is to provide a safe and supportive meeting place for gays and lesbians along the Wasatch Front.

The Affirmations: The Gay and Lesbian Mormons Collection 1977-2004) contains correspondence, conference materials, flyers, programs, brochures, newsletters, and news clippings. Most of the collection primarily deals with Affirmation, as well as the Gamofites (derived from Gay Mormon Fathers) and the Family Fellowship Organization.

The first addendum (1985-2000) contains correspondence, transcripts of e-mail messages, a petition, a handbook, by-laws, newsletters, articles, essays, and other publications regarding the Affirmation organization. This information pertains to boxes 4-5 of the collection.

The second addendum (1977-2000) contains correspondence, financial and organizational materials, newsletters, and other documents pertaining to the Gay and Lesbian Mormons. This information pertains to boxes 6-11 of the collection.

The third addendum (1978-2004) contains correspondence, financial statements, minutes of meetings, pamphlets, and membership statements. These documents are in relationship to the Los Angeles Chapter of Affirmation and are found in box 12.

Any of the items in Special Collections can be used by the public with 24 hours notice.

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