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APA is generally used by the social sciences and affiliated disciplines (Sociology, Education, Political Science, etc.). For more information, consult the guide directly.

Using and Citing Images and Visuals

Images and illustrations should be labeled as figures and numbered in the order in which they are referred to in the text (in-text, refer to the image by the figure number, e.g see fig. 3). The figure number appears beneath the image and should be followed by a caption, which should include a brief title, and/or an explanation of the figure (if necessary), and source information.

Basic Elements: Artist last name, First name (work date) Title [type of work]. From source of image.

If the image is from a book, the source information will include these elements: Title of Book (p. xxx), by Author First Initial. Last Name, Year of Publication, Place of publication: Publisher. Copyright year by copyright holder, usually the author.

If the image is retrieved from a website or database, the source information will read: Retrieval date (day month year) from Website or Database Name, URL

For instance:

Fig. 4. Kentridge, William (2003) Drawing from Tide Table: Soho on Balcony [drawing, charcoal on paper]. Retrieved 16 January 2012 from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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