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Urban Ecology LEAP Guide: Lesson 1: Background Info

Today's Session

By the end of the first library session, we hope you will be able to do the following:

  1. Effectively create and make use of concept maps in order to generate research topics and thesis statements.
  2. Articulate what is known and not known about your topic in order to develop a research plan.
  3. Find and search reference resources in order to gain the basic knowledge and vocabulary of a topic.

Background Resources

Encyclopedias are an excellent resource to gain introductory knowledge, and develop a working vocabulary, about a topic.

1. How to Concept Map

Click the link below to download a short PowerPoint.  Please look through all of the slides and then move onto the video in box #2.

2. Mapping for Thesis Statements

View this short video on concept mapping created by Katherine Miller and Tom Childs of Douglas College.  After you've finished, be sure you have read through all of the Suggested Research Topics carefully.  Select three from the list and come to class prepared to investigate them further.

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