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Urban Ecology LEAP Guide: Class Prep 2: Preliminary Research

Pre-class Assignments

Please complete the following before the next library session on Thursday, October 2nd:

  1. Continue to develop your concept map and bring it with you to class on Thursday.
  2. Create a list of knowns/unknowns for your research topic, and continue to use the basic research tools to find additional resources.
  3. Watch the 4 NoodleTools training videos: Overview and how to create an Account, How to create a Project, and How to cite a Reference Resource.
  4. Create a NoodleTools account and share it with Luke.
  5. Create a NoodleTools citation for all the sources you’ve found AND feel are relevant to your topic.
  6. Watch the 5th video: Keyword Search Strategies and Subject Headings.

See you Thursday!

FYI: If You Need More Information

NoodleTools: Create an Account

NoodleTools: Project Creation

Sharing a NoodleTools Project

Reference Citing

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Keyword Search Strategies and Subject Headings

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