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Urban Ecology LEAP Guide: Lesson 2: Library Catalogs

Today's Session

By the end of the second library session, we hope you will be able to do the following:

  1. Write a citation for sources, such as encyclopedia articles and books.
  2. Extract keyword concepts from a concept map and thesis statement.
  3. Search for and locate preliminary sources (such as books, videos, and maps) using Usearch, the library catalog.
  4. Limit your results in Usearch by choosing appropriate facets and subject headings.
  5. Find your way around Marriott Library to locate books, videos, computers, and staff assistance. 

How to Write a Research Question

Find Materials Not (yet) Owned by UofU Libraries

Watch the video below to see how the WorldCat database works, how to borrow materials from other libraries using the InterLibrary Loan service, and how to Suggest-a-Purchase for a book, video, or journal subscription we don't own.

Library Catalogs

Useful Subject Terms

Here is a selected list of LC subject terms that might prove useful for your library catalog and database searching. A few notes ...

1) notice how you can add place names and combine terms

2) no need to key in the punctuation -- just type, for instance:  architecture human factors

3) be sure to search as SUBJECT -- in the Marriott Library catalog, this means changing ANY to SUBJECT

Architectural design


Architecture -- Human factors

Architecture and society

Bicycle trails

Cities and towns--[place name]—History

Cities and towns – Growth

City planning--[place name]

City planning—History

City planning & redevelopment law

Civic improvement

Community development, Urban

Community life--[place name]

County planning

Ecological landscape design


Housing--Government policy

Housing--Law and legislation

Housing development  

Housing policy

Land use -- Planning

Land use, urban

Land use, urban -- Environmental aspects

Land use, Urban --[place name]—History

Local transit

Metropolitan areas


Neotraditional development

New towns--[place name]—History

Pedestrian areas

Pedestrian facilities design

Planned communities

Public works -- Management

Real estate development

Regional planning 

Regional planning--[place name]—History

Transportation--[place name]--Planning--History

Urban renewal--[place name]--History

Urbanization--[place name]--History 

Streets -- Design and construction




Suburban life--[place name]

Suburbs--[place name]

Sustainable architecture 

Traffic congestion

Transportation -- Finance

Transportation -- Planning

Transportation -- Planning -- Mathematical models

Transportation and state

Urban beautification 

Urban ecology

Urban landscape architecture

Urban policy

Urban renewal 

Urban sprawl

Urban transportation -- Planning

Urban transportation policy -- [place name] 


Urbanization -- Environmental aspects

Urbanization--United States


Zoning law

[place name]—Guidebooks

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