Multi-Disciplinary Design

A library research guide that directs students to recommended and specialized resources for their study within Multi-Disciplinary Design.

The 5 Ws for better sources

  • Who is writing?
    • Are they an expert in the field? Have they published in your area before?
  • What is the content of the website like?
    • Has it been well written? Is it correctly formatted? Have they cited their sources?
  • When was the article written?
    • Was the article written relatively recently? Have they made regular updates?
  • Where is the website coming from?
    • Is this a trusted web presence like a library or a university, or is it a random subreddit?
  • Why is the author writing?
    • Is the website full of adds? Does it have a clear agenda beyond what is stated in the article?

If you are able to answer all of these questions in a fairly positive and concrete manner, then the site you have found is likely a viable source for your project!


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