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How to use JSTOR

JSTOR Database provides full-text access to all content that the library subscribes to through JSTOR, including the Arts & Sciences 1-13 Collections and the Life Sciences Collection. The majority of the database is archival content, and new issues are added to the collection periodically. New content may not appear in JSTOR until months or years after its initial publication date.
For further information, you can go to JSTOR org and read Research Guides for JSTOR.
To use JSTOR,

1. Go to the library homepage at and click on the Log In button in the upper right corner. Sign in with your uNID and password

2. Click on the Research Databases tab in the gray bar below the search box.


3. Click on the letter J.

4. Click on the JSTOR title link to open this database

5. In JSTOR you can search any key words in the basic search to find journals, primary sources and books. You can improve your search and get better results by using the following tools:

- Use quotation marks to search for whole phrases, like, "Chinese Spring Green Tea"

- Use Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to improve your search. For instance you could search "Nelson Mandela" AND democracy to find items that contain both Nelson Mandela's name and democracy as keywords

6. In many cases, you will have better results if you use Advanced Search.

JSTOR Advanced Search


7. In Advanced search, you can limit your search results by using the dropdown list and restricting to the title, author, abstract or caption text. Please note that JSTOR has abstracts for %10 of articles only.

JSTOR Advanced Search Interface


9. Also you can click on the dropdown list and browse JSTOR by Subject, Title or Publisher.

JSTOR Browse menu

10. Whenever you want to go to JSTOR main page, just click on JSTOR icon. It will take you to JSTOR main page.


Downloading JSTOR citations to EndNote Basic

To add citations from JSTOR to EndNote Basic, follow these steps.

1. Click on the title of the article you want to download in your search results. Then, click on the blue Citation Tools button on the upper right part of the page.

2. Choose the RIS file option

3.  Save the .ris file on your Desktop or in another place where you can easily find it.

4. Go into your EndNote Basic account. Click on the Collect tab and choose Import References. Browse and find the file you saved. Choose RefMan RIS as your import option and select the group where you want to import the citation. Click the blue Import button at the bottom of the screen.

5. If your import succeeded, you will receive a confirmation that looks similar to the one below

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