Medieval Books and Artifacts at the University of Utah: Incunabula in the Marriott Library


This page lists early printed books, created before the year 1501, available in the Marriott Library. Items with call numbers may be used without an appointment in the Special Collections Reading Room on the 4th floor of the Marriott Library. Please contact the Rare Books Department of Special Collections to arrange for access to items without call numbers.

Resource List

  1. Specimens of incunabula: a collection of 77 leaves from various incunabula printed between 1470 and 1500. Rare Books Oversize Z241 .Z35 [catalog record]. 77 leaves, primarily in Latin, German, and Greek, from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Some leaves have illustrations.
  2. Letters from the 15th century : on the origins of the Kelmscott Chaucer typeface : a study, with specimen leaves, of the influence of the early German printers on William Morris' masterpiece by Phillip J. Pirages. Rare Books Oversize Z232.M87 P57 2019 [catalog record]. Contains 4 leaves printed between 1472-1478 by Peter Schoeffer, Johann Mentelin, Günther Zainer, and Anton Koberger.
  3. Sample page from volume printed by Sweynheim & Pannartz. Rare Books Oversize Z232 .S965 S35 1472 [catalog record]. 1 leaf from a book printed in Rome by Konrad Sweynheim and Arnold Pannartz in 1472.
  4. Incipit opus restitutionu[m] vtilissimu[m] by Franciscus de Platea. Rare Books HB551 .P53 1477 [catalog record]. Printed by Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen in Venice in 1477. Platea's work was the first treatise on usury (unethical monetary loans) and its punishment.
  5. Platonis viri illvstris vita per Gvarinvm Veronesem edita. Rare Books B393 .P5 1478 [catalog record]. 6 specimen leaves printed by N. Jensen in Venice in 1478.
  6. [Leaf from the Latin Vulgate Bible]. Rare Books BS1474 .L3 1480 [catalog record]. 1 leaf from Ecclesiastes printed by Nicolaus Götz in Cologne in 1480.
  7. Contra haereticos et gentiles by Saint Athanasius. Rare Books Oversize BT1350 .A8162 1482 [catalog record]. Work about heretics, specifically Arians, translated by Leonicensus and edited by Celsanus. Printed in Vicenza by Leonardo Basilensi in 1482.
  8. Elementa geometriae by Euclid. Rare Books Oversize QA31 .E86 E5 1482 [catalog record]. First printed edition of Euclid's Elements, containing numerous geometric diagrams. Printed in Venice in 1482 by Erhard Ratdolt, who is considered the first printer of scientific works.
  9. In laudem operis kalendarij .s. huius Johanne de monte regio ... by Johannes Regiomontanus. Rare Books CE73 .M8 1482 [catalog record]. Illustrated calendar printed by Erhard Ratdolt in Venice in 1482 that includes tables of eclipses and volvelles (rotating paper charts used to make calculations). Johannes Müller von Königsberg, known by the Latin epithet Regiomontanus, was a German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, translator, instrument maker and Catholic bishop. His Calendarium included his astronomical observations, which were used by Copernicus for producing a heliocentric model of the cosmos. [View this book in the Digital Library]
  10. [Leaf from the Latin Vulgate Bible]. Rare Books BS1754 .L3 1483 [catalog record]. 1 leaf from the apocryphal book the Wisdom of Solomon, printed by Johannes Herbort in Venice in 1483.
  11. Incipit liber Abraham iudei de natiuitatibus by Abraham ben Meïr Ibn Ezra. Rare Books QB26 .I32 1485 [catalog record]. Latin translation of the Book of Nativities, a 12th-century work on astrology, that also contains Henri Baten's work on the astrolabe. Printed in Venice by Erhard Ratdolt in 1485.
  12. Incipit liber primus Ioannis Gerson cangellarij parisiensis, De imitatione [Christ]i [et] de conte[m]ptu omnium vanitatu[m] mu[n]di by Thomas à Kempis. Rare Books BV4820 .A1 1485 [catalog record]. Devotional book previously attributed to Jean Gerson, printed in Venice by Peregrinus de Pasqualibus and Dionysius Bertochus in 1485.
  13. De uita & moribus philosophorum by Diogenes Laertius. Rare Books PA3965 .D6 1490 [catalog record]. Collection of lives, teachings, and sayings of famous philosophers translated by Ambrosius Traversarius and edited by Benedictus Brognolus. Printed by Boneto Locatelli for Ottaviano Scotto in Venice in 1490. 
  14. In hoc libello cōtinentur tres tractatuli​. Rare Books BV800 .T56 [catalog record]. A compendium of 3 works: Thomas Aquinas on the eucharist, Nicholas of Lyra on the sacraments, and another text on the Lord's Prayer. Printed in Cologne by Heinrich Quentell in 1490.
  15. [Leaf from] Mirrour of the world by Gautier of Metz, translated by William Caxton. Rare Books Z232.C38 M5 1490 [catalog record]. 1 leaf from this early encyclopedia, published by Caxton in London in 1490.
  16. Liber cronicarum [leaf from the Nuremberg Chronicle] by Hartmann Schedel. Rare Books Oversize Z241.3 .L5 1493 [catalog record]. 1 leaf, printed by Anton Koberer in Nuremberg in 1493.
  17. Secunda etas mundi by Hartmann Schedel. Rare Maps G3200 1493 .S4 [catalog record]. Hand-colored map printed by Anton Koberger in Nuremberg in 1493.
  18. Quadregesimale nouum by Johann Meder. Rare Books BX1756.M43 Q4 1494 [catalog record]. A collection of sermons, each consisting of a parable and explication, printed by Michael Furter in Basel in 1494.
  19. [Leaf from] Stultifera navis Narragonice p[ro]fect[i]onis nunq[ua]m satis laudata Navis by Sebastian Brant. Rare Books PT1509 .N2155 1498a [catalog record]. Single leaf containing a dialogue between Philorenus and Melophilax. Printed in Basel by Johann Bergmann de Olpe in 1498.
  20. [Leaf from the Latin Vulgate Bible]. Rare Books BS1754 .L3 1501 [catalog record]. 1 leaf from the apocryphal book the Wisdom of Solomon, printed by Anton Koberger in Nuremberg in 1501.


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