Medieval Books and Artifacts at the University of Utah: Incunabula in the Digital Library


This page lists early printed books, created before the year 1501, that have been digitized and are available in the Digital Library. All of these records correspond to physical books owned by the Rare Books Department of Special Collections.

Resource List

  1. In laudem operis kalendarij .s. huius Johanne de monte regio ... by Johannes Regiomontanus. [View book]. Illustrated calendar printed by Erhard Ratdolt in Venice in 1482 that includes tables of eclipses and volvelles (rotating paper charts used to make calculations). Johannes Müller von Königsberg, known by the Latin epithet Regiomontanus, was a German mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, translator, instrument maker and Catholic bishop. His Calendarium included his astronomical observations, which were used by Copernicus for producing a heliocentric model of the cosmos.
  2. Elementa geometriae by Euclid. [View book]. Latin edition of Euclid's Elements printed by Erhard Ratdolt in Venice in 1482. Includes many diagrams throughout the text.
  3. Incipit liber Abraham iudei de natiuitatibus by Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra. [View book]. Latin translation of Ibn Ezra's Book of the Nativities, a 12th-century work on astrology. Printed by Erhard Ratdolt in Venice in 1485.
  4. Incipiu[n]t Sermones Sancti Augustini ad heremitas [et] nonnulli ad sacerdotes suos ... by Saint Augustine of Hippo. [View book]. A collection of 60 sermons followed by 6 miscellaneous texts. Printed by Paganino Paganini in Venice in 1487.
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