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The education program is a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer to an accredited four-year teaching program. Students completing the program will develop skills and get the hands-on experience necessary to be accepted into the professional core of courses offered at the university level. Course work will satisfy the General Education requirements for the first two years of a bachelor's degree in elementary, early childhood or special education.

Salt Lake Community College has generated several advising sheets for the Department of Education, if you're interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree. The college recommends meeting with academic advisors from both SLCC and the University of Utah, and transfer student specific advisors, before picking your classes.

Majors include:


Writing & Rhetoric Studies (WRS)

WRTG 3020: available at SLCC in Summer 2018. This course will cost $400 with some scholarships available for students with financial need. It will also be taught at the U for recently arrived transfer students in Fall 2018.

WRTG 3030: available at SLCC in Summer 2018. This course will be free for incoming WRS majors.

  • Days, times, and locations: TBD in Spring 2018.

Writing Studies Scholars Program

This program is specifically for SLCC students who are planning to major in WRS. Writing Studies Scholars are eligible to take a free upper-division U course, WRTG 3030: Writing Across Locations, at SLCC the summer prior to transferring. This is a chance to connect with departmental faculty and advisors and make friends with other incoming WRS majors while also learning about the range of resources and opportunities available at the U. Students who successfully complete the course and stay in the major will receive an additional scholarship during their first academic year at the U. For more information about participating in Writing Studies Scholars, please contact Assistant Professor Christie Toth.

Amigos Mentores

The Peer Mentoring Program, Amigos Mentores is a multigenerational program empowering and shaping Hispanic/Latino student success through mentorship and continuous learning.

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Amigos Mentores is an outreach, retention and completion program to support students of color at SLCC. The heart and soul of the program though is grounded on the Hispanic/Latino culture and values. It is a culturally sensitive focused bilingual hub of resources, success stories and compass for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds to use. It’s three main pillars: culture, leadership, and service have sparked opportunities for students to connect more closely with their identities, increase their leadership development and engage in servant leadership. SLCC Amigos Mentores has also enhanced life on campus by being an established reliable powerhouse that other departments, offices, and groups on campus can count on and partner with.

Luz Gamarra began this program in 2011 and has demonstrated an ability to forge meaningful and effective connections at every level. She understands the various communities and cultures of the departments and offices in which she works, as well as all the college departments, faculty, staff, and students involved, and has valued their strengths, appreciated their input, and been insightful about initiating and maintaining collaborative programs and facilities used to meet the needs of the students. With her example, this program distinguishes itself from any other program because it comes from a strength-based perspective where rather than focusing on students’ areas of improvement, it focuses on their already established strengths which they can maximize to reach more of their goals. We have had a number of graduates since the program was born who have now joined Amigos Mentores at the University of Utah, an extension of our program and a bridge assisting hundreds of transfer students to this day.


Luz Gamarra, MSW

Gender Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Multicultural Student Success Coordinator – Hispanic/Latino (a) Students

SLCC Amigos Mentores – Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator

Office for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

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South City Campus | 801.957.3349 | SCG 1061 GG

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