Transfer Students


The University of Utah has redesigned their undergraduate elementary teacher education program (now known as "2+2"). Through this program, it's possible for students to complete all requirements for the first two years of the U's teacher education program before completing a SLCC associate degree and transferring to the U. Through this path, once admitted to a teacher education program, you are now guaranteed a slot.

Urban Institute for Teacher Education (UITE)

The Urban Institute for Teacher Education offers a bachelor’s degree program in elementary education (K- 6) as well as course work for licensure in secondary education (6-12). All programs have been accredited by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

Majors include:

Enrollment in the Elementary & Secondary Teacher Education Programs is limited and admission is competitive. Students who wish to apply for admission to these programs should contact the UITE for current program and formal application requirements.


Writing & Rhetoric Studies (WRS)

Welcome Transfer Students! No matter what your major or career goals, writing will be important to your success. The Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies (WRS) is here to help you become an effective and flexible writer in your U classes and beyond. WRS has put together this guide to writing resources on campus to help you get started and enjoy your college experience

Dr. Christie Toth, assistant professor in Writing & Rhetoric Studies, interviewed and surveyed transfer students. As a result of this research, she and her team of graduate and undergraduate students, co-created two transfer student-specific courses: Writing 3020 and Writing 3030.

WRTG 3020 - Writing Your Major at the University of Utah (Write4U)

Course Summary: Writing 3020 is an upper-division course designed for students who are new to the University of Utah and have completed Writing 1010/2010 elsewhere. Using concepts, research methodologies, and genres from the field of writing studies, this course builds on transfer students’ prior knowledge and experiences – including their distinctive writing strengths – while providing an opportunity to learn about University resources and examine research and writing practices in their major discipline. In addition to fostering rhetorical awareness and disciplinary writing knowledge, Writing 3020 offers opportunities to connect with peers, faculty, and staff in order to make the most of the academic and professional opportunities available to undergraduates at the University of Utah.

  • This course fulfills the CW & HF general education requirements, as well as the professional writing requirement for WRS majors. The class will be available for new transfer students in Fall 2018.

Transfer Courses

ETHNC 3790 - Transnational Education

Course Summary: Part of this course focuses on transnationalism and the other half connects you to resources and opportunities on campus.

LEAP 3050 - Transfer LEAP
Instructor: Carolan Ownby
Phone Number: 801-581-3447
Course Summary: "Transfer LEAP is a one semester class designed to help integrate transfer students into the University of Utah, while fulfilling the University’s International (IR) requirement.

COMM 3060 - Transfer Interest Group (TIG)
Instructor: Natasha Seegert​
Course Summary: Designed for transfer students, the purpose of this course is four-fold:

  1. To expedite and ease your transfer from SLCC to the University of Utah.
  2. To assist you in your orientation to and knowledge of the University.
  3. To facilitate your entrance and integration into the Communication major.
  4. To enhance your success as a U student and Communication major. 
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