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Utah Independent Film Archive

The J. Willard Marriott Library's Independent Film Archive is part of the Multimedia Division of Special Collections, located on Level 4. The archive is dedicated to the preservation of film and video art pertaining to Utah. The films in the archive are made by Utah natives, are about Utah, or were produced in Utah. The pieces in this archive represent a broad spectrum of interests and genres, from documentaries to experimental pieces to narratives.

Guidelines for Submission to the Archive
The Independent Film Archive will accept any submission that pertains to Utah or Utah interests. Submissions can come from all genres: experimental, documentary, animation, or narrative. There is no cost to submit a film, and submissions are always being accepted. The archive can also assist artists in duplication of their materials after they donate their works.

Independent Film Collections

A0047 Kevin Don Hanson

1980s - Films from current Film & Media Arts department chair Kevin Hanson, including "Nuture" (1984), a short film made while Hanson was a student at the University of Utah, and extensive footage of Ballet West productions filmed by Hanson.

A0048 Carnival of Souls

1962 - DVD copy of the horror classic filmed larvely in Salt Lake City by Kansas based filmmaker Herk Harvey.  The old Saltair resort (pre-fire) is featured as the location of the title carnival.

A0320 Alton Morton

1940s-1960s - Digital copies of narrative and river running films made by Morton, a local mail carrier, Utah Cine Arts Club co-founder and Fellow of the Amateur Cinema League.  The collection also includes tourism and promotional films made to promote Soutern Utah destinations.  The nationally decorade film Adventure on the Colorado (1947) features the centennial Days of '47 parade.  The original films are held by the Utah Historical Society.

A0428 Diane Orr

1970s-2000s - News and documentary films, some made in conjunction with the now defunct KUTV Documentary Division.  The collection includes material about the Wounded Knee standoff, the plight of Utah's Native Americans, the SL-1 nuclear disaster, the Teton Dam break, and the mystery of Everett Ruess, etc.

A0755 Jimi Jones

2000-2003 - Experimental and documentary films made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0760 Jan Andrews

1984-2002 - Experimental and documentary films by University of Utah MFA film graduate.

A0761 Tyrone Davies

2001 - Experimental film "Stealing Away."  Davies is a Utah filmmaker whose work has been featured in video installations in Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

A0762 Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic

1984-2010 - Dance related experimental films and documentaries based in the Salt Lake City area.  The collection includes recordings of "InterPlay," an annual broadcast of concurrent music, dance and poetry performances taking place in cities around the world.  The Miklavcics are live performance professionals and educators and founders of the Another Language Performing Arts Company.

A0764 Cordell Wolking

1990s - "The Animal's Court,"  a film in which animals explain the adverse effects destructive human activity has on their homes.  Wolking studied psychology at the University of Utah.

A0765 Leo Loving

2003 - Documentary about John Birch.

A0768 Ismael Rojas

2003 - Films made while a student at the University of Utah.  The collection includes a documentary about Salt Lake City woodworker Gonzalo Tenogo.

A0769 Bert Estrada

2003 - Feature length narrative about homeless people in Salt Lake City by University of Utah graduate.

A0770 Mashimi Kamimura

1999-2003 - Narrative and documentary films produced by the Japanese born filmmaker while a graduate student at the University of Utah.  All of the films deal with Japanese-American cultural or historical issues.

A0771 Rick Page

1998-2003 - Films written and directed by Page and filmed by Page and other crew members of the television program Touched by an Angel during their spare time and shot in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

A0772 Darin Tinney

1997-2000 - Films made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0773 Steven Pecchia-Bekkum

2003 - Documentary about John Fillwalk, a video installation artist who teaches at Ball State University in Indiana.  The film was shot in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona by current University of Utah film professor Pecchia-Bekkum.

A0792 Azadeh Saljooghi

2003 - Short experimental, narrative and documentary films made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0793 The First Vampire

2004 - Narrative short filmed largely in Utah using local extras and equipment from Salt Lake City's Redman Movies and Stories.

A0794 Channing Lowe

2002-2004 - Feature length horror films by Utah filmmaker.

A0795 Jenevieve Hubbard

2003 - Film by Utah based artist Jenevieve Hubbard while she was an art student at the University of Utah.

A0796 Seth Hubbard

2003 - Experimental short by Utah native.

A0797 Spy Hop Productions

2000-2009 Raw footage and finished films assembled by elementary and high school aged filmmakers under the tutelage of Spy Hop Productions, a Salt Lake City not-for-profit youth media center specializing in educational solutions through the multimedia arts. The collection features documentaries about the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, refugees in Utah, and Salt Lake City's West Side, as well as numerous shorts, narratives and animated films.

A0798 David T. Holland

1994 - Films made while a student at the University of Utah, including "The Crooked Quill," about a homeless veteran.

A0802 Kelly Wilson

2004 - Animated shorts made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0803 Larry Cappetto

2004 - Documentary about WWII D-Day survivors by Colorado based filmmaker Cappetto.  The film premiered at the Salt Lake City Public Library.

A0804 Nate Rockwood

2004 - Documentary about the J. Willard Marriott Library's efforts to find funding to renovate its facilities.  Made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0805 Kimball Johnson

2003 - Feature length narrative made while a student at the University of Utah.  The film features several Salt Lake City locations.

A0806 David Baddley

1980s - Experimental films made while a student at the University of Utah.

A0807 Mario DeAngelis

2003 - Short films made while a student at the University of Utah.  Most films are in the horror genre.

A0809 Stephen Williams

2002-2003 - Two narrative shorts about family dynamics that have screened at film festivals in Salt Lake City and across the United States.

A0811 Robbin Shahani

2000-2004 - Narrative and experimental shorts by University of Utah graduate.

A0812 Jerry Dixon

1999 - Short documentary about smokejumping in Alaska made by University of Utah graduate.

A0825 Sue Jensen Weeks

1970s - 16mm films by local filmmaker Sue Jensen Weeks, one of the University of Utah's first film students.

A0829 Karin Hodgin Jones

2001-2003 - Art related films and video installations created by Jones while a student of sculpture at the University of Utah.  These films are analytical experiments with frameless animation and Technicolor film processing.

A0831 Judith Dwan Hallet

1966-2003 - Documentary films by University of Utah graduate Judy Hallet, who has produced movies shown by KUTV, National Geographic, PBS and the Library of Congress.  Film subjects include Native Americans, Utah and Western history and culture, modern dance, etc.

A0832 Trent Harris

1970s-2000s - Independent films including Rubin and Ed (1991), The Beaver Trilogy (2000), Plan 10 from Outer Space (1995) and other narrative and documentary films created throughout the Utah filmmaker's career, including documentaries for the KUTV newsmagazine EXTRA and student films created while studying at the University of Utah.

A0886 Daniel T. Stetich

2003-2005 - Short short films made by Stetich while a student at East High School and at the Utah Film and Video Center.

A0914 Bill Daniel

2008 - Documentary "Who is Bozo Tezino," which screened in Salt Lake City.

A0938 Orland Lavell "Brig" Tapp

1947-1963 - Narrative and travelogue films by Tapp, a Salt Lake City heating engineer, Utah Cine Arts Club president and zone chairman of the Motion Picture Division of the Photographic Society of America.  Tapp's award winning films focus on outdoor passtimes and feature locations in Southern Utah, the Wasatch Mountains, and Murray, Utah circa 1950s.

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