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Middle East Studies

Scholarly and research related resources for the Middle East region.

Middle East Studies LibGuide

Middle East Studies guide is prepared to introduce Middle East Collection and resources including the dictionaries, encyclopedia, books, databases, guides as well as audios, videos and media.

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Aziz S. Atiya Library for Middle East Studies

Middle East Studies program

Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary program which offers students the opportunity to study the Middle East in depth from a variety of perspectives. The program includes instruction in the major languages (Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian) of the region, advanced training in literature and linguistics, and area studies concentrating on the history, politics, economics, religions, cultures and social institutions of the Middle East. Courses are offered through the Middle East Center in conjunction with the departments of Anthropology, Economics, History, Languages and Literature and Political Science.

U of U Middle East Center

Transliteration Charts

When searching for the Middle Eastern books, please remember to use the appropriate transliteration/Romanization scheme. Marriott Library, like North American and UK libraries, uses the ALA-LC transliteration tables of the Library of Congress.

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