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Middle East Studies

Scholarly and research related resources for the Middle East region.

Call numbers for the history and culture of Arabic countries

The corresponding call numbers for the history and culture of Arabic countries are found on the east side of Level 2:

  • Saudi Arabia DS201-DS248
  • Egypt DT43-DT154
  • Lebanon DS80-DS90
  • Iraq DS67-DS79
  • Sudan DT154-DT159
  • Libya DT211-DT239
  • Tunisia DT241-DT269
  • Algeria DT271-DT299
  • Morocco DT301-DT330
  • Syria DS92-DS99
  • Eritrea DT391-DT393
  • Israel and Palestine DS101-DS110
  • Somalia DT401-DT409
  • UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman,
  • Qatar and Oman DS247-DS248


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