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What is SAS?

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by SAS institute for advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. It is the largest market-share holder for advanced analytics.

Why SAS?

  • Able to process large data set(s)
  • Easy to cope with multiple variables
  • Able to track all the operations on the data set(s)
  • Generate systematic output
  • Summary statistics
  • Graphs
  • Regression results
  • Most government agencies and private sectors use SAS

SAS Global Certification program

Selected Books on SAS

Administrative Healthcare Data: A Guide to Its Origin, Content, and Application Using SAS®  

Craig Dickstein, Renu Gehring

Epub ISBN# 978-1-62959-381-4

Mobi ISBN# 978-1-62959-382-1

PDF ISBN# 978-1-62959-380-7

Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-61290-886-1

Pages 250


The Little SAS® Book: A Primer, Fifth Edition

Lora D. Delwiche, Susan J. Slaughter

Epub ISBN# 978-1-61290-400-9

Mobi ISBN# 978-1-61290-945-5

PDF ISBN# 978-1-62959-013-4

Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-61290-343-9

Pages 376

Learning SAS® by Example: A Programmer's Guide

Ron Cody

Epub ISBN# 978-1-59994-426-5

Mobi ISBN# 978-1-61290-946-2

PDF ISBN# 978-1-62959-014-1

Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-59994-165-3

Pages 664


Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS® 9.4

Publisher: SAS Institute

Copyright Date: July 2013

The PDF file of this book can be found at:

Longitudinal Data and SAS®: A Programmer's Guide

Ron Cody

Epub ISBN# 978-1-62959-249-7

Mobi ISBN# 978-1-62959-248-0

PDF ISBN# 978-1-62959-247-3

Hardcopy ISBN# 978-1-58025-924-8

Pages 208

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