Microsoft Word 2013 Basics: Word Workspace

This guide explains the Microsoft Word 2007 program and describes how to navigate as well as use the basic features. The guide includes exercises that will enable the user to find the tools and features that have been either moved or changed from 2003.

MS Word 2007 Workspace

This is the default opening screen when a new document in Word 2013 launches. The most commonly used functions are noted here, such as the Quick Access features, view options, Navigation pane, etc., so that the beginning user can quickly navigate to these items. The main feature is what is known as The Ribbon and it dominates the upper part of the Word workspace. The Ribbon will continually change depending upon which menu is chosen or if certain objects are selected in the document.

The Ribbon is the primary feature in MS Word 2013. The tools and features will change according to which of the main menus are selected. When you choose for example, the Insert menu at the top of the screen, the Ribbon will change to offer the user an entirely new set of options. Similar tools and features have now been grouped together and appear in the same tab. If there are additional options there will be a small down arrow icon in the right corner of the group tab. By clicking on this arrow it will open dialog boxes that allow users to see additional options and/or features not shown on the Ribbon.

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