Microsoft Word 2013 Basics: More Ribbons

This guide explains the Microsoft Word 2007 program and describes how to navigate as well as use the basic features. The guide includes exercises that will enable the user to find the tools and features that have been either moved or changed from 2003.

More Ribbons

Overview-There are many additional Ribbons that will only become available when either certain tools are used or you have clicked on an object that is directly tied to a specific Ribbon.  For example, when you click on an image in your document the Picture Tools-Format Ribbon will now appear at the top of the Word workspace.  This page will show some of these Ribbons that appear only in certain circumstances.

Picture Tools Ribbon-When any kind of image in a Word document is clicked on, this Ribbon will appear.  There are tools available on this Ribbon to do basic image editing as well as adding effects.  One of the more critical features is the Position feature, which will allow the text on the document to flow around the image depending upon the position of the image.

Drawing Tools Ribbon-Whenever a symbol, shape, or other object is clicked on the Drawing Tools-Format Ribbon will open.  This Ribbon has numerous tools that allow a user to draw various shapes, use WordArt, add colors to the objects, and position the objects anywhere on the Word document.

Table Tools:  Design-Whenever a table in Word is clicked on there will be two additional tabs that will appear in the Ribbon menus at the top of the workspace.  The first of these is Design, which controls the desing of any type of table used with Word.  The tools here allow for a choice in table styles, borders, and border color.

Table Tools:  Layout-This is the other half of the Table Tools, where with this Ribbon you will get more control over any table in a Word document.  This Ribbon has tools for changing the properties of the table, inserting/deleting cells, text direction, cell margins, sorting, and more.

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