Microsoft Word 2013 Basics: FAQ

This guide explains the Microsoft Word 2007 program and describes how to navigate as well as use the basic features. The guide includes exercises that will enable the user to find the tools and features that have been either moved or changed from 2003.

Frequently Asked Questions




1)  Q:  How do you reset the default font(Calibri) and some of the paragraph settings?

     A:  Use the down arrows in the right corner of the Font and Paragraph tabs to open up a dialog box.  From there you can change the settings, then  click on Default to store them.

2)  Q:  How do I convert my Word file into a PDF?

     A:  With Word 2013 you can simply choose to save the document as a PDF file.  PDF files can now be opened in Word 2013, edited, then saved as either a PDF or Word file.

3)  Q:  Can the Ribbon be customized or changed? 

     A:  Yes.  Office 2013 allows for the customization of Ribbons, including those in Word. Right click on any Ribbon and choose the Customize the Ribbon option.  This will open up a dialog box where you can add commands, create groups, add new tabs, and more.

4)  Q:  What if you have to send a Word document to someone who does not have Office 2013?

     A:  There is an option in the Save As command to save the document for older versions of Word as a .doc file.  The standard Save As ucntion that creates the  .docx format should be able to be opened by the last few versions of Word and you would only need to change this if the person you are sharing/sending the file to has a version older than 2007.  The other option is to save the file as a PDF, then email that.

5.  Q:  What are the red and green wavy lines that appear under certain words?

     A:  Red signifies that MS Office believes that a word is misspelled.  Green means that MS Office has detected a potential grammar error.  You can usually right click on the word and a list of spelling and/or grammar options will appear that will allow the user to correct these issues.  You can also select various options from the Review Ribbon.

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