Art History

A library research guide that directs students to recommended and specialized online and print resources for their study of topics within Art History.

Latin American Avant-Garde Collection

The Latin American Avant-Garde Collection in the Katherine W. Dumke Fine Arts & Architecture Library is unique body of more than 35 primary source documents -- art objects and publications that support the study Latin American avant-garde art of the second half of the twentieth century. Spanning the years 1966 and 2007, the collection includes works by artists such as:  Clemente Padin, Magali Lara, Lourdes Castro, Claudio Goulart, Joao Carlos, and Regina Silveira, among others.  
Each item in the Latin American Avant-Garde Collection has a Fine Arts Collection call number and is available for IN LIBRARY USE only. To access a specific item (or items), please make a request at the Fine Arts service desk (located in the Fine Arts & Architecture Library, level 2, Marriott Library). You will be asked to leave your student ID with the librarian in exchange for a single item from the collection. You may look at as many of the 42 collection items as you wish, though only one at time. This is because 1) many of the items include loose, multiple parts that must not be separated from their folders, and  2) many of the items require special handling.
To enhance your browsing access to the Latin American Avant-Garde Collection, the Fine Arts & Architecture library staff has created a Visual Guide in the digital library ARTstor. You are encouraged to review this guide and identify more specifically the items you wish to study in depth -- that is, the items that you will come to the library and review in person.

Please refer to the tutorial posted here on how to access the visual guide in ARTstor. For more information and assistance, please refer to  Luke Leither or Erika Church.

For general information about ARTstor, visit the following online resources:

Articles & News

Periodicals are information resources published periodically -- daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, etc. Specific examples of periodicals include:  newspapers, magazines (generally "popular" or "news" oreinted), and journals (generally scholarly / academic). The Marriott Library subscribes to the following databases that cover literature about or published from within Latin America.

Caribbean Art - Visual Resources

Open Web Resources for Latin American Art & Culture

Open Web resources can provide very useful information and links to additional resources, however they must be consulted with scrutiny and discertion. Remember, anyone one with a computer, access to the Internet, and some basic Web editing skills can publish a website! If you need some help evaluating a site, then refer to the CRAAP Test.

The sites listed here are but a selection of recommended sources. Feel welcome to email me others that you find especially useful.

Special Collections Supporting the Study of Latin American Art, Culture, & History

This section includes selected archival respositories for the study of Latin American Art. The primary source materials you may find within these repositories and collections include:  artists' papers; photographs; exhibition histories and materials (catalogs, photographs, correspondence, etc.); clippings; and oral histories, among others.

Primary sources are not strictly limited to archives, however. For instance,you may discover primary sources in newspapers (what was being written at the time of the event) and in journal articles. Some search terms you might want to try (or add to your keyword/subject searches) in the recommended databases:

Latin America* AND collection

"primary sources" OR archiv* OR collection*

research OR resources

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