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Using Wix to Create a Digital History Project

Created for Dr. Maile Arvins "History of Hawaii" Class

Planning Your Site

Planning Your Site

Consider your site content and how it can be broken up into multiple pages. Before you even start your site, consider the scope of your exhibit and what layout would work best for your content. 

Consider this exhibit on the Gold Rush from the Digital Public Library of America. What is the structure? 

  • Landing Page/About Page - Staking Claims: the Gold Rush in 19th Century America
    • The Gold Rush Romanticized
      • Introduction (4 images) 
      • The Journey West (4 images) 
    • Everyman Prospector
      • Introduction (1 image) 
      • Working the Mines (4 images) 
      • How They Lived (3 images) 
      • Who Got Rich (3 images) 
    • Who Was Marginalized
      • Introduction (1 image) 
      • Women (4 images) 
      • Immigrants (4 images) 
      • Native Americans (2 images) 
    • Legacy
      • Introduction (4 images) 

The structure of your exhibit will change depending on which online platform you use. The above exhibit was created in Omeka, which allows for nested hierarchy of Exhibit < Pages < Collections < Items. 

For my Wix site, I decided to make a website about cheese. This is the structure I'll be using: 

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