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Using Wix to Create a Digital History Project

Created for Dr. Maile Arvins "History of Hawaii" Class

Online Readers are Different

"Users won’t read web content unless the text is clear, the words and sentences are simple, and the information is easy to understand." - Jakob Nielson, web usability consultant

  • –Our brains are conditioned to skip around when reading online
  • –Online readers have a shortened attention span and reduced comprehension

Engaging Online Readers

  • –Get to the point
  • –Edit out unnecessary information
  • –Easy-to-understand language
  • –Avoid jargon, marketese, acronyms, and overly scholarly language
  • –Writing online is visual – utilize white space and keep paragraphs short.

Make Content Scannable

  • –Front-load content: Put most important information in the first sentence or heading.
  • –Since readers scan web pages, each sentence should be able to stand alone and provide information.
  • –Use contextual links - don’t say “Click here” or show full web addresses.
  • –Use headings and bullets to break up long content

Use Active Voice

  • –Snape killed Dumbledore.
  • –Dumbledore was killed by Snape.
  • –Dumbledore was killed.
  • –Subject – verb – object makes for stronger writing!

Remember, less is more when writing for the web. 

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