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Using Wix to Create a Digital History Project

Created for Dr. Maile Arvins "History of Hawaii" Class


  • Evaluate and respect copyright! Do not use an image that is under copyright without permission from the rights holder. 
  • When possible, use public domain images. 
  • Look in the image metadata under "Rights."
  • When the rights are unclear, consider Fair Use. 
  • If the image expressly says, "All Rights Reserved," better to find another image. 

Giving Scholarly Attribution

Regardless of copyright status, you still need to give scholarly attribution. A best practice is to accompany the image with a short attribution (similar to an in-text citation) and have a separate page for a full list of sources. 

At a minimum, online image citations should include: 

  • Link back to the original work
  • Credit to the image creator and/or institution that made the image available
  • If the original image had attribution instructions, follow those! 
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