International Business Guide

The international business guide is a collection of international business research and global trade information. These include online as well as print resources.

Industry and Company Resources first steps

Steps to Analyze Investment Opportunities in Foreign Countries

1.     First, identify your investment interest. Then, begin researching to see which companies offer competing products. To do this, Start with financial statements of those companies using:

a.      Hoover's 

b.     Mergent Online

2.    Next, review information about the country's government, its stability, and its tax laws. Use CIA Factbook for this information.

3.   Use Market Share Reporter & IBISWorld

to identify the size of the market for your company and how it compares to the rest of the industry.  Market share information can also be found in business articles that appear in magazines or newspapers.  You may have to use Business Source Premier, Lexis Nexis,  and the Wall Street Journal to find this information.

4.      Look at Valueline

  and Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage for ( 3rd party--objective) updated analyses of current status as well as 3-5 years projection of your interested company.

5.      SWOT Analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats). You may find this information using Business Source Premier. You may be able to draw conclusions about the company/industry by following the steps above.

6.      The steps above are a recursive process that you will repeat many times.  You may find an article or an update about your company an hour before your assignment is due.

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