Bibliometrics and Impact Factor: Citation Map

This guide explains how impact factor is used and calculated in journal and article rankings, as well as other methods of citation analysis.

Dr. Bartlett

Using ISI Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters), Dr. Bartlett, whose treatments have been used in Grey's Anatomy:

  • Sum of the Times Cited: 74
  • Average Citations per Item: 24.67
  • h-index: 2 [Bartlett has written two articles with at least 2 citations each.]

One of the First Citation Maps of Science

Information Visualization

"If we can visually spot literature not directly related to one another but perhaps indirectly related, such topics may be good candidates for combination and knowledge synthesis" (Small, 1999).

More on One of the First Citation Maps of Science

Citation Mapping

The citation mapping tool tracks an article’s cited and citing references through two generations, allowing researchers to visually discover an article’s wider relationships:

  • Go forward and backward in time to track citing and cited references

  • Color code, re-configure and organize your citation maps to discover trends in citation activity

  • Completely interactive!

  • Access via any Web of Science full record

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