Bibliometrics and Impact Factor: Finding Article-Level Metrics in Scopus

This guide explains how impact factor is used and calculated in journal and article rankings, as well as other methods of citation analysis.



  1. To get to Scopus, go to the library homepage at

  2. Click on the Databases tab below the search box. Click on S and navigate to Scopus

  3. Click on the Authors search at the top of the page, and enter your name and affiliation. (You can also use this strategy if there is another author that interests you as well).

Once you search, you may see people with similar names—scroll down to make sure you find yours.  

  1. Click on your name to see more your author profile, including your h-index. Scroll down to see more information about the documents you have written that have been indexed in Scopus

  2. Click on Citation Overview to see more information about which articles were cited in which years.

  1. Instead of doing the author search, you can also just search for a specific article to see who cited it.  Start by choosing the Documents tab in Scopus. Enter the title of the article or some words in the title, and then change the dropdown menu to only search the article title.

  1. Once you find the document, you can see the title, authors, year, journal of publication, and the number of times it has been cited.

  1. Click on the number of citations to see a list of the articles that have cited the article that you searched.

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