Bibliometrics and Impact Factor: SJR

This guide explains how impact factor is used and calculated in journal and article rankings, as well as other methods of citation analysis.

Paper on SJR

Map Generator

The SJR also will create maps or bubble charts based on a subject citation relationship.

Background on SJR

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus database (Elsevier).

The SJR was developed by SCImago from the Google PageRank algorithm.

What is SJR?

Developed by Professor Félix de Moya, Research Professor at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) is a prestige metric based on the idea that ‘all citations are not created equal’. With SJR, the subject field, quality and reputation of the journal has a direct effect on the value of a citation.


  • Is weighted by the prestige of the journal, thereby ‘leveling the playing field’ among journals
  • Eliminates manipulation: raise the SJR ranking by being published in more reputable journals
  • ‘Shares’ a journal’s prestige equally over the total number of citations in that journal
  • Normalizes for differences in citation behavior between subject fields

Example of SJR Journal and Country Rankings

Journal Ranking 1-5 of 17,124 in 2008.

Country Ranking 1-5 of 233 from 1996-2008.

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