EndNote Basic

This guide describes how to access and use EndNote Basic, a citation management system, and gives a brief overview of the desktop versions of EndNote

Using the Capture Reference in EndNote

You can use the Capture Reference to capture references from your browser window. This is a great option for online resources that don’t have direct export options.

1.  Select the "Downloads" button the navigation bar.

2.  Follow the instructions on the page and drag the "Capture References" button up to your favorites bar.  In some browsers you may need to add a bookmarks bar.

3.  When you find information you want to save into a record, click the "Capture References" option in your favorites or bookmarks bar and a window will open with the record information.

4.  Make sure each field is correct and fill in any empty fields.  Then, click on the blue "Save to" button at the top of the window.  Make sure you are saving to the correct Endnote option.

NOTE: For some managed machines, you may need to get help from someone with an Administrator password to make this work.

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