LabArchives: Data Management Plans

If you are going to be using LabArchives for your research, then do not forget to include information about LabArchives in your data management plan.

We recommend using the following template:

The research will be conducted using LabArchives, a secure cloud-based electronic lab notebook application enabling researchers to easily create, store, share, and manage their research. The University of Utah has a site license and LabArchives has been approved by the University’s ISO for sensitive data. Access (explain how access will be managed) to maintain compliance. All data is regularly backed up and maintained in multiple locations. LabArchives maintains an audit trail and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. LabArchives supports efforts to ensure research data is reproducible and reusable.

If you are going to be collaborating with researchers at another institution and they do not have a LabArchives site license, then they can use the UU's site license. Add this to your data management plan:

As a result of the site license, collaborators at (list the collaborators) will be able to use the University of Utah’s LabArchives.
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