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Creating an account with LabArchives
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Library assistance with LabArchives

In addition to the RATS workshops (see home page) Daureen Nesdill (J. Willard Marriott Library) and Darell Schmick (Eccles Health Sciences Library) are available to provide lectures to assist you and your research team in getting started with LabArchives. We can also present to departments and institutes.

LabArchives provides support to users using various formats:


An Introduction to LabArchives This Webinar provides a brief overview of the major features and benefits of the LabArchives Professional Edition. Directed to new users wishing to get the most out of the service in a short period of time.

An Introduction to Widgets - request information about the next webinar on Widgets. You can also find an entry on Widgets in the Knowledgebase.

YouTube Tutorials

Additional Resources

  • The LabArchives Knowledgebase can also be used as a handbook.
  • Troubleshooter  LabArchives support staff can help you resolve common problems and issues by walking you through a few questions.
  • Submit a Trouble Ticket If you cannot find a solution to your problem in the Knowledgebase, then you can submit a ticket to LabArchives.

Apps and Plug-ins

Once you have an account you can download plug-ins.

These plug-ins enable LabArchives users to
enter information into their LabArchives
Notebooks using phones and tablets. 
Users can view text files, Office docs,
PDF files, and images. Users can add plain
and rich text entries, and can take and
upload photos into their Notebooks.

IOS Widget                 Android Widget   

LabArchives also provides a plug-in for MS
Office software and for the folder monitor.
A folder monitor allows users to automatically
transfers files form your PC/Mac into LabArchives.

   LabArchives Downloads

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