LabArchives: Setting Up an Account

LabArchives—Setting Up & Accessing your Account

LabArchives’ integration with the University of Utah single sign-on authentication system makes it easier to access your LabArchives account and provides added security. The simple steps below will guide you through this process. Please remember that at this time restricted data is NOT allowed in LabArchives (see Rule 4-004C Data Classification and Encryption Rev. 1. These include:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Financial information
  • Donor information

Also, please remember that since the PI is responsible for the research, then the PI is responsible for the LabArchives account and is the owner of the account. The PI initiates the account and then invites research team members to the account. A team member can be designated an administrator after the account has been set up. If the PI does not own the account, then when whomever does own the account leaves, the PI will have no access to the research being performed.

IP Recognition Login

Begin by using the main LabArchives login URL, LabArchives has IP recognition for users accessing the site from a recognized campus location. Whether you are clicking through on an invite email to join a PI's or colleague's notebook or using the main LabArchives login URL from on campus, you should be redirected to the “LabArchives Sign in” page.

LabArchives Sign in page

Select “University of Utah” in the “Sign in through your institution” dropdown field and you will be redirected to the University of Utah's 2FA login page.

University of Utah log in page

Non-IP Recognition Login

In case you are not redirected, a LabArchives screen will appear requesting information. Do NOT sign up here. Instead, select your institution from the dropdown menu. Once selected, you will be redirected to the University of Utah login page.

Bookmark Link for Direct LabArchives Access for University of Utah

In order to save the steps above in the future, bookmark the URL below for direct LabArchives authentication access to the University of Utah login page. Note that the URL changes once you hit enter, so save it to your browser exactly as it appears here:

Login Setup

After logging in with your University of Utah credentials on the University of Utah login page, you will be redirected to the LabArchives' “Login Setup” page, where you have two options: to "Create or Activate a new LabArchives account," or to "Link an existing LabArchives account." These two options are described below.

Create or Activate a New LabArchives Account

To create or activate a new account, select the 2nd option, "Create or Activate a new LabArchives account."

If you received an email informing you that a colleague has added you to a notebook and you have never created a LabArchives previously, choose this option to activate your account.

Once selected, a new page will appear asking for the e-mail you want associated with your University of Utah site license account. Please, use your UU email either or Please do not use the extension. Using the creates a second independent account. Enter the correct email in the box.

(NOTE: If you received an email informing you have been added to a notebook, verify that the entered e-mail address is the address at which you received the “invitation” email, and correct if necessary, before proceeding.)

  • Select “Create New Account”. If you already have a LabArchives account, you will get a message stating that the email address is already used for another LabArchives account. In this case, use the “Link with an Existing LabArchives Account“ option, described below.
  • After the e-mail is entered, it will be associated with your University of Utah credentials. Each time you login using these University of Utah credentials, you will be taken directly to your LabArchives account.

Link an Existing LabArchives Account

Once logged in with your University of Utah credentials, you also have the option to associate an existing LabArchives account with your University of Utah credentials.

To do this, select the 1st option: “I have an existing LabArchives account already.”

When selected, the page will request your existing LabArchives account information. Enter the email address and password associated with your LabArchives account, then select “Link Existing Account.”

After this information is entered, your LabArchives account will be linked to the University of Utah authentication system. Any time you log in using your University of Utah credentials you will be taken to your existing LabArchives account. All pre-existing lab notebooks will be there unchanged.

Setting Up Accounts for Members of the Research Team

LabArchives Notebook Settings menu

Remember, it is the PI who initiates the account. Afterwards the PI can invite members of the research group to the account. The PI can also designate an administrator to share the work of carrying out user management, permissions, and notebook creation and stewardship.

Open up the tool icon and select Notebook Settings and then select User Management.


LabArchives User Management page

The PI selects “New User,” adds the UU email address of each member of the research team to the “Add a user to your notebook” field, and hits the “Add User” button. An email will be sent to to the member (also to you) instructing them to follow the link provided and choose to create an account. Members must create their accounts using their UU email address to ensure access to the PI's notebook.

Select from the pull-down menu whether each person is a “User” or “Administrator.”

Guests are limited to three month's access to the account.

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