LabArchives: Ubox Integration

When adding an attachment to your notebook, LabArchives (A) will determine the size of your file and direct it either to LabArchives' cloud (files up to 250MB) or the LabArchives space within the University's Ubox space (files greater than 250MB, but less than 15GB).

Red indicates the University of Utah's Ubox account. Purple indicates Labarchives' occurrence of Ubox within the University's account. Access to your large files in LabArchives' space is ONLY through Labarchives - dotted arrow.

After loading a large file into LabArchives, you will see the box logo instead of the usual preview.

As with any other attachment, click on it to open the file. You will be working with these files within the software on your computer and not in LabArchives. LabArchives will keep a record of each time the file is downloaded; the user, date and time, etc. as part of its audit trail. LabArchives does not specifically record what was done within these large files but provides a description field for you to describe what was performed. Since these are large files it will save time if you record what was performed, what part of the dataset was used, etc.

NOTE: describe before you add the file, as the system does not allow you to add the description after the file has been loaded.

TO OVERWRITE THE EXISTING FILE: After you have downloaded and edited the file, click on the Pencil tool. Then you can drag the file to replace and update the current file. In the example above you can see the previous description. Again be sure to add information about the changes you made before you drag the file into the window.

TO ADD AS A NEW ENTRY: Adding the file as a new entry will create a second copy. To add, just click on attachments and add as you would any file. LabArchives will send this to Ubox.

Need to Know

Now that Ubox is fully integrated with LabArchives, large files greater than 250MB can be accessed while using LabArchives.

The maximum file size is now dictated by Ubox and is 15GB.

As with LabArchives, storage of these large files is unlimited.

TIFF files can not be displayed by browsers. LabArchives cannot display TIFF files.

Once files are loaded into Ubox via LabArchives they can only be accessed through LabArchives.

Your files in Ubox/LabArchives do not count towards the 1TB storage limit when using Ubox.

Since LabArchives is for sensitive data and not restricted data, treat the large files in Ubox as sensitive data.

You cannot access or share the files placed in LabArchives/Ubox through your Ubox account - only through LabArchives.

Large files take time to load so have patience.


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