Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive: Social Life and Customs

Collection subjects include:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; City and Town Life; Clubs and Societies; Fashion; Folklore and Folklife; Foods and Nutrition; Home and Family; Media and Communication; Religion; Sexuality; and Social Classes

Algie Ballif Forum

The Algie Ballif Forum, founded in 1977, was originally called the Alice Louise Reynolds Women's Forum, but changed their name in January 1985 to the Algie Balliff Forum in honor of Algie Eggertsen Ballif.  The main objective of this group was to educate the community and discuss women's issues.

Alpha Theta State, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Delta Kappa Gamma is an honorary society for women educators. The society was founded in Texas in 1929; the first Utah chapter was chartered in Salt Lake City in 1938. By 1997, Utah (referred to as "Alpha Theta State" in many of the records) had 27 chapters and over 1,000 members.

Helen B. Andelin

Andelin was born in 1920 and attended Brigham Young University and studied home economics.  She married Aubrey Passey Andelin.  Andelin began sharing the secrets of her own happy marriage with small groups of women in Fresno, California, in the early 1960s. Her first book, Fascinating Womanhood, was published in 1963 as a text for her classes. By the mid-1970s the book had become the basis for courses taught across the country designed to teach women how to be happier in marriage by winning a man's complete love and adoration. The Fascinating Womanhood Foundation was established to train women in the techniques of feminine enchantment.

Barbara Jean Erickson Andersen

Andersen was born in 1925, the daughter of Orlando and Regina Erickson. She graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Elementary Education in 1947. She married Phil L. Andersen in 1948. Barbara returned to the University of Utah and received an M.S. in Education in 1971.  She has written several family biographies and an autobiography.  

Lynn Matthews Anderson

Lynn Matthews Anderson received a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, in 1977, and served in the Belgium-Brussels Mission of the LDS church from 1978 to 1979.  She is the author of books on Latter-day Saint feminism and gender issues and other Latter-day Saint topics.

Assistance League of Salt Lake City


Aurora Club

Asocial club but moved into other activities including book readings and charitable projects.

Authors Club

The Authors Club was organized in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1893. Its original objective was to "form a club for the study of the works of the best authors." The club has expanded this to establishing traveling libraries, helping in war relief activities, and offering a free kindergarten, as well as being involved with Utah women political groups. 

Irene M. Bates

Bates (b. 1921) was born in Manchester, England, to Edward and Lily Wootton. On 14 June 1941, she married William Bates. In 1955, William and Irene Bates joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and later in 1967 they emigrated to Salt Lake City, Utah. Bates received her B.A. in sociology, summa cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1988, she received an M.A. in history from UCLA, and in 1991, she earned a Ph.D. in History also from UCLA.  Bates was a historian and author who focused on the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Delcie Lee Wood Bell

Active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the latter part of her life and collection describes her day to day life.

Ida Barker Blake

Ida Barker Blake was a resident of Southern Utah and wife of H. Elwyn Blake.

Orpha Sweeten Boyden

Influential in creating a place in her community for the Cub Scouts and was awarded the Boy Scouts Silver Beaver Award.

Betty M. Browning

The Brownings were politically active in the Utah Democratic Party. Collection pertains to Gordon’s career in radio, Betty and Gordon’s involvement with the University of Utah and the University Hospital, and documents related to the personal lives and involvement in religion of the families.

Esther Campbell

The Campbells lived in Browns’ Utah Park for many years, and the interviews includes information on the history and geography of Brown’s Park Utah.

Esther Campbell

Marjorie Chan

Chan is a professor at the University of Utah and is the chair for the University of Utah's Department of Geology and Geophysics. She is also the Dean of the Mines and Earth's Sciences. Her collection contains collected ration booklets from World War II, art catalogues, and posters.

Culture Lure Club

The Culture Lure Club was formed on December 16, 1932, as a women's club meant to "provide cultural development, higher education, social progress, and personal improvement to members, through subjects of interest to its members, and work for community, state and national uplift."

Nellie Harper Curtis and Myrtle Goddard Browning

Nellie chronicled her travels around the world with Myrtle Goddard during 1931. They travelled for four months and visited Japan, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, England before returning home. 

Florence Louise Dimm Cowan

Cowman family lived in Colorado and moved to Salt Lake City in 1948.

Sandra Sheets Denman

Denman's papers consist of correspondence, collected recipes, ephemeral materials, along with numerous recipe booklets and pamphlets.

Elks Ladies Club 

Garden Club of Cottonwood

Elizabeth Judge O'Brian organized the Garden Club of Cottonwood in 1923. The original membership was thirty-one men and women who had an interest in gardening. The club fell into inactivity for a period of time after the death of Elizabeth O'Brian, but in 1931 a new incarnation of the club began, specifically as a women's club. Since the reorganization, the Garden Club of Cottonwood has maintained at least thirty-five people and has been active in community beautification projects both locally and statewide.

Barbara Jean Keiser Hopkins

Hopkins, a Daughter of Utah Pioneers and an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was born on September 30, 1950, to Alma Lehi Keiser and Lois Mary Ridd Keiser in Salt Lake City, Utah.  During her childhood she began to take piano lessons which led to a future as an award winning pianist.  Barbara studied for two years at the University of Utah as a piano performance major and then transferred to Brigham Young University to continue her studies.  Despite many challenges in her life, Barbara's determination and faith helped her overcome many difficulties.  

Ada C. Irvine

Leland Karr Irvine was a professor of electrical engineering and architecture at the University of Utah.

Alberta Marie Larsen Jacobs

Alberta Jacobs founded the Twentieth Century Club in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, and served in the community.

Judith F. Jarrow

Jarrow worked as the Program Manager in Special Collections at the University of Utah.

Junior League of Salt Lake City 

Established nationally to encourage young women to take an active role in community service and find useful outlets for their interests and abilities. The Salt Lake Chapter was established in 1934. Since 1990, the Junior League of Salt Lake City focused its attention on the environment, women, and substance abuse, mental illness, and healthcare concerns.

Ladies’ Literary Club of Salt Lake City

A group of Utah women organized a small cultural club called the Blue Tea Club in 1875, of which the Ladies' Literary Club was an outgrowth.

Midwest Pilgrims Conference

Yearly retreat for Christian and Mormon women to present on and discuss theological, church, and women's issues.

Corinne Godbe Miles

Miles held a variety of positions within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her civic positions included membership in the Utah State Women's Legislative Council, the University of Utah Alumni Class Vice President, Republican Party District Vice Chairman, American Contemporary Theatre Board of Directors, Trustee of the Brigham Young Family Association, National Director of Educational Services for Odyssey House, and Director of the Osmond Foundation. She was also awarded the "Utah Woman of the Year" award by the Deseret News. 

Mormon Women's Forum

Feminist group dedicated to gender equality in the LDS church. Formed in 1988, the group has hosted panels, debates, and a radio show surrounding the issues of gender inequality in the LDS church. They host an annual conference at the University of Utah.

Claire Wilcox Noall

Prominent Utah couple involved in the educational, literary, religious, and civic life of the state.

Gladys Young Orlob

Orlob was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 21 June 1894 to Joseph Don Carlos Young and Alice Naomi Dowden Young. She married Rudolph Frank Orlob on 18 May 1918. She died on 9 August 1980. She was a granddaughter of Brigham Young.

Geraldine Palmer-Jones

Ann Pingree

Pingree collected an autobiography of her grandmother, Alta Marilla Johnson Erickson Howard entitled, This Magic World: The Life of Alta J. Howard. The autobiography was compiled, edited and published by the Ezra T. Clark Jr. family.

Beverly Jane Porter 

In the late 1930s, she moved to New York City to study voice. She married Robert Rampton Porter in 1938. The couple moved and lived in Africa for nearly two decades while Robert worked as a consulting metallurgist.

Zola Rice Pound

She held a degree in Business and worked in the field for five years before becoming a flight attendant. She was stationed in New York where she met her future husband, Perry E. Pound, whom she married in Denver, Colorado in 1952.

Charlotte A. Quinn

Quinn performed extensive collection of research notes concerning the modern resurgence of Islam in Africa. 

Renee Marchant Rampton

Renee received her bachelor's degree in elementary education from UNLV and went on to teach elementary school, later receiving her masters degree in educational administration. Renee and Roger had four children together, then were divorced later in life. Renee was heavily involved in music, her community, and the Mormon Church. She became a strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment and became involved with politics as they applied to the church.

Marybeth Raynes

Salt Lake City social worker and marriage and family therapist, specializing in life transitions, sexuality, women’s issues, and spirituality.

Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints scrapbooks provides a history of the general presidency of the Relief Society and the general board. This collection focuses on the presidency of Elaine Low Jack, first counselor Chieko N. Okazaki, and second counselor Aileen Hales Clyde, along with the presidency of Bonnie D. Parkin, first counselor Kathleen H. Hughes, and second counselor Anne C. Pingree.

Salt Lake Council of Women

Established by pioneer women in 1912. It provided great help as "World War II Minute Women", still lives to provide more community service to the city and the State of Utah through: University hospital, YWCA, Wasatch Youth Center, Utah Youth Village, International Peace Gardens, Hall of Fame, and presentations on legislations, education, family life/health/welfare.

Margaret Schreiner

Schreiner wrote her autobiography (1987) to present snippets of her life, her memories of family members, and sage advise to be passed down to other generations.

Connie Seiger

Seiger collected a black blouse, skirt, and belt all hand-knitted by Seiger's aunt, Helen Naomi Simper Schow.

Ila Roberts Smith

Lived in Idaho and Utah in the 20th century.

Emma B. Sorenson 

Emma Theresa Baker (1880-1973) was born in Cache County, Utah. She attended BYU and USU, and worked as a teacher for many years. She was involved with the LDS Church and her community, teaching choir and participating in local politics.

Mary Jane Tanner

Born in 1837 in Toledo, Ohio. From there she moved with her parents to Nauvoo, where she resided for four years. At the age of ten she crossed the plains with her parents and other Mormon pioneers to Salt Lake City. She married Myron Tanner, a polygamist, and together they had several children. She was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for her entire life.

Utah Federation of Women's Clubs

This club was established with the purpose of helping women’s clubs in Utah become more engaged in civic and welfare work.

Utah State Society Daughters of the Revolution 

The purpose of the organization was to honor their ancestors who fought in the American Revolutionary War by promoting democratic and patriotic standards and ideals. Prided itself on doing noteworthy deeds outside their membership confines for public schools, the city, state, and nation.

Dorothy Shepherd Van Stipriaan

Dorothy Shepherd Van Stipriaan was born in 1909. She pursued several professional avenues during her lifetime, including serving as head of the library's Fine Arts Department in the 1960s. She received her master's degree in Library Science from Case Western University. She died in 1976.

 Young Mothers Club

The Young Mothers Club was a group of young women who gathered to discuss motherhood, hold workshops, and socialize.

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

The Salt Lake City Y.W.C.A was accepted as a charter member to the national board of the United States in 1906. 57 The Y.W.C.A is an international membership organization for women and girls that provides services and programs to all economic, occupational, racial, religious, cultural backgrounds, and all age groups.

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