Research Skills for Developing Writers: Lesson 3 Pre-Reading Activities

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll

Opinion Poll: What kind of topic is most interesting for you to research?

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll
topics related to politics: 35 votes (9.33%)
topics related to college life: 36 votes (9.6%)
topics related to foreign policy & relations: 22 votes (5.87%)
highly controversial topics: 35 votes (9.33%)
topics that talk about human life experiences: 52 votes (13.87%)
topics about generational differences: 11 votes (2.93%)
topics related to science: 66 votes (17.6%)
topics related to my personal life: 57 votes (15.2%)
topics related to history or modern life: 35 votes (9.33%)
I don't care. I like my teacher to choose for me.: 26 votes (6.93%)
Total Votes: 375

Pre-Reading Video: What will this lesson teach you?


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