Research Skills for Developing Writers: Introduction to the MLIB Catalog & Google Scholar

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.

Introduction to Library Resources

This lesson has three tutorials:

  • An introduction to the structure of library information
  • An introduction on how to use the Marriott Library catalog, USearch
  • An introduction to Google Scholar

Introduction to the Structure of Library Information is an introduction to the way Marriott Library organizes its books and other hard copy resources. 

USearch is an introduction on how to find resources that the Marriott Library has available.  The library catalog links you to much more than just what we have on our shelves-- including electronic resources and resources from other libraries and services.  This tutorial will show you how to locate materials, how to narrow or broaden your search using limiters like: type of resource (e.g. book, article, DVD), location (e.g. ARC, Quinney Law Library, Marriott Library General Collection), date published, and so on. 

Google Scholar is another resource you can use to find credible, valid research on a topic.  It is a great discovery tool that acts like regular Google, but hooks you up with academic databases and resources from other education institutions.  You can use Google Scholar to help you locate materials that the Marriott Library has access to.  Watch the tutorial and see how Google Scholar can help you with your research.

USearch: The MLIB Catalog

Google Scholar

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Introduction to the Structure of Library Information

Libraries are banks of information, books, magazines, journals, computer formats, and encyclopedias. Information can be located in a variety of formats and libraries store and help you find information. Organized sources are also located in several locations on campus—the Marriott Library, Eccles Health Sciences Library, Quinney Law Library, and the McKay Music Library.  If you are researching a specific or specialized topic, be sure to ask a librarian where you can find the most relevant resources.

For library materials, books and other hard copy sources, including recorded media, in the Marriott Library can be identified by their call number.  This is a unique code assigned to each book that tells you where the book can be located on the shelves.  


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