Research Skills for Developing Writers: Lesson 6 Pre-Reading Activities

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll

Which method do you use most often to decide if a source is reliable and approriate for academic use?

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll
The title is related to my topic.: 115 votes (25.44%)
It is not very long.: 19 votes (4.2%)
It was published in the last 10 years.: 17 votes (3.76%)
It was written by an expert.: 86 votes (19.03%)
It was easy to locate on Google.: 32 votes (7.08%)
It is in my home language.: 7 votes (1.55%)
It is easy to read so I can find relevant passages.: 25 votes (5.53%)
It has specific facts that can be verified in other sources.: 86 votes (19.03%)
I found it in a database or the MLIB catalog.: 65 votes (14.38%)
Total Votes: 452

Pre-Reading: What will this lesson teach you?

(Courtesy of: WWU Libraries YouTube Channel)

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