Research Skills for Developing Writers: Lesson 1 Pre-Reading Activities

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll

In your opinion, which statement best describes research?

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll
I like to do research! It is a great way to learn and become an expert.: 248 votes (33.97%)
I like to do research OK. It is a good learning exercise but it can be difficult to find/read sources and decide which ones are good: 213 votes (29.18%)
I don't really like to research but I have to so I try to do my best.: 117 votes (16.03%)
I would like research more if I knew how to find sources faster and easier.: 105 votes (14.38%)
I only like to research in my native language; English is too hard.: 28 votes (3.84%)
I do not like to do research at all! I don't understand how it is useful or why I should do it. Can't my teacher just tell me everything I need to know?: 19 votes (2.6%)
Total Votes: 730

Pre-Reading Video: What will this lesson teach you?

(Courtesy of: Earnshaw, J. (2011, October 31). What is research? [Video file]. Retrieved from  

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