Research Skills for Developing Writers: Summary & Additional Resources

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.


Properly citing your sources will make you a better researcher because it helps familiarize you with the elements needed to locate a source. Citation formatting can be tricky so using a resource like NoodleTools can help you cite correctly every time. NoodleTools helps you cite all kinds of source types (e.g., books, periodicals, websites, images, etc.) in APA format. You can also download a completed References page and create Resource Note Cards in Noodle Tools. Of course, you still need to be able to locate the citation information, like author's name, title, journal title, year published, and so on in order to use Noodle Tools. In books, this information is found on the versa. For articles, it can be found a number of places. If you need help locating citation information, ask your instructor or a librarian.

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