Research Skills for Developing Writers: Lesson 5 Pre-Reading Activities

An introductory guide to help multilingual undergraduate writers at the U develop their research skills.

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll

In your opinion, which is the most important reason that journal articles make good academic resources?

Pre-Reading Opinion Poll
They are shorter than books.: 72 votes (13.9%)
They have more concise information than books.: 125 votes (24.13%)
They are more reputable than websites.: 51 votes (9.85%)
They are considered scholarly, not popular.: 94 votes (18.15%)
They are easy to locate.: 28 votes (5.41%)
You can find articles on very recent topics.: 47 votes (9.07%)
You can find articles on almost every topic.: 35 votes (6.76%)
They have references that suggest other articles to read, making research easier.: 66 votes (12.74%)
Total Votes: 518

Pre-Reading Tutorial: What will this lesson be about?

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