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What is a Writing Style Guide and Why Use it?

  • Style guides are used in academic writing as a shared language to create consistency across a wide variety of writing endeavors. Style guides are often connected to disciplines and the scholarly journals for that discipline: the American Psychological Association, for example, is the creator of the APA style guide.
  • In the discipline of music, the general style guides most often used are APA (Music Education and Music Therapy) and Chicago (Musicology and other sub-disciplines). Chicago and APA will be discussed in this guide on the citations page.
  • In the meantime, below, you'll find some writing style guides specifically for using when you write about music. They will help you be consistent with not only the mechanics of writing musical terms--is "Opus" capitalized?--but will give you insights into the regular types of music writing such as program notes.


Music-specific Style Guides

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