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Sources for Repertoire by Women Composers

  • There are many sources on the Internet/Web where you can find music by women for your instrument or for study in conjunction with your research into women composers. The sources linked below are in alphabetical order by the name of the source.
  • It may seem overwhelming! Pour yourself a cup of tea or cocoa and browse the list.
  • In some cases, you may need to seek out the referenced music. We're happy to help in the McKay Library. We can purchase music for you, or assist you with creating an Interlibrary Loan Request.

A Big List of Sources of Music by Women!

Archiv Frau & Musik (German title; Database is translated into several languages, including English)

International database in English which includes many repertoire lists by individual instrument, instrumental forces, genres, and some countries. Some of these individual lists are included separately below. Begin your search with this database and follow up with resources below.

Designed for everyone – musicians, performers, conductors, students, researchers, educators, artistic administrators, and anyone with a curious mind – this database provides access to thousands of works by women and gender-marginalized composers. By sharing knowledge and resources, BID increases access to works by underrepresented composers, empowering all who wish to diversify classical music programming.

In 2015, SFCA Artistic Director Magen Solomon worked together with Dr. Eliza Rubenstein of the Orange County Women’s Chorus to create a free database of choral music by women composers. It was launched as part of a presentation at a conference of the American Choral Directors Association.

Compiled by Dr. Charlotte Kies. Searchable database and catalog lists.

Database of clarinet repertoire to promote gender diversity in clarinet recital programming. Has expanded to include other marginalized composers.

Filter by sex. This database links to women composers and their websites; as such it is a great source for discovery.

A Database of ALAANA,* Women, and Gender Non-Conforming Composers

Donne is an organization based in the UK that champions women in music. Use the database to search for repertoire by time period, genre, and other features.

Compiled by flutist, Szamatulski. Linked spreadsheet.

A resource for musicians to aid in the discovery and celebration of art song by women composers. The database includes songs from the Baroque period through the 21st century, and have been categorized by level, voice type, language, composer, and composer dates. Related information includes range, tessitura, piano accompaniment, vocal line, and links to available scores. The analysis is intended for singers from beginning high school through the collegiate level and professional career. The database leads you to find the unique voices and expansive styles of each individual composer, with the hopes to increase performance and advocation of each woman's often overlooked works.

Compiled by Claire Edwards, percussionist

Compiled by Natalie Mannix, trombonist and Associate Professor at the University of North Texas.

Compiled by Amy Dunker.

The University of Michigan has digitized their collection of scores and made it available through HathiTrust. This database includes primarily scores from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Project of harpist Isabelle Marchewka.

Takes a bit of time to orient oneself to the site. Lists of women composers are linked in the "user files" section on the main page. There are two Excel spreadsheets with women composers and their individual songs listed. Can be used as a starting point for locating a great amount of repertoire from 1890-1930.

Compiled by Lin Foulk Baird, horn teacher and performer.


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