Images and Media for Research and Presentations: APA

This guide will help you find images and multimedia that will enhance research papers and presentations. Images aren't just for art students!

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Using and Citing Audio and Multimedia

APA uses an author-date style of in-text citation e.g (Smith, 2003) with a separate references list at the end of the paper. Every work you cite in your paper must have a full reference in your reference list. There is no need for a separate references list for audiovisual materials. 

Music Recording

Basic Format: Writer last name, First initial. (copyright year). Title of song [Recorded by artist, if different from writer]. On Title of Album [medium of recording, CD, MP3, record, etc.] Location: Label. (Date of recording if different from song copyright date).

   Feist (2011). How Come You Never Go There. On Metals [CD]. Santa Monica, CA: Cherrytree / Interscope.

   In-text Citation: (Feist, 2011, Track 4)


(Note: For podcasts, provide as much information as possible, including but not limited to, director, episode number, etc.)

Basic Format: Producer Last name, First initial. (Producer). (Year, Month Day of podcast). Title of podcast [Format e.g. Audio podcast, video podcast, etc.]. Retrieved from URL

Fine, S. (Executive Producer). (2010, December 30). Can we make it to Mars? [Video podcast]. NOVA scienceNOW. Retrieved from

In-text Citation: (Fine, 2010)


Basic Format: Producer last name, First initial. (Producer), & Director last name, First initial (Director). (Year). Title of Motion Picture [Format: DVD, etc.]. Country of Origin: Studio. Available from URL (if watched on the web)

Rose, C. et al (Producers), & Chomet, S. (Director). (2004). The Triplets of Belleville [DVD]. United States: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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