Images and Media for Research and Presentations: Chicago/Turabian

This guide will help you find images and multimedia that will enhance research papers and presentations. Images aren't just for art students!

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Using and Citing Audio and Multimedia

The Chicago Manual of Style delineates two different systems of citation. The Notes-Bibliography style uses either foot- or end-notes to cite sources in-text, followed by a separate Bibliography page including all works used. The Author-Date style uses a parenthetical reference, including page number, to cite a work in-text e.g. (Smith 2003, 99) followed by a separate References List. Recordings are generally grouped in a separate discography, rather than in the bibliography. If cited in the bibiography, group recordings under a subhead.

Music Recording

Basic Bibliography Format: Author last name, first name. "Track Name." Album title. Production company, Year, Format.

   Welch, Gillian and David Rawlings. “Six White Horses.” The harrow & the harvest. Acony, 2011, CD.

Basic Note Format: Author Full Name, "Track Name," on Album title, Production company, Year, Format.

   Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, "Six White Horses," on The harrow & the harvest, Acony, CD, 2011.

   Parenthetical: (Welch and Rawlings 2011)

Audio Podcast

Basic Bibliography Format: Primary Author/Musician/Producer last name, first name (can be an organization as well; see below). "Title of Podcast," Program title. Date. Title of website. Type of file. URL (accessed date).

Chicago Public Media. “Neighborhood Watch,” This American Life. November 19, 2010. This American Life website. Adobe Flash file. (accessed January 22, 2012).

Basic Note format: Primary Author/Musician/Producer full name, "Title of Podcast," Program title (Date), Title of website, type of file, length of program, URL (accessed date).

Chicago Public Media, “Neighborhood Watch,” This American Life (originally aired November 10, 2010), This American Life website, Adobe Flash file, (accessed January 22, 2012).

Parenthetical: (Chicago Public Media, November 19, 2010, 3:43) If relevant, include the time at which the material cited appears.

Video or DVD

Basic Bibliography Format: Film title. Format. Directed by Director Full Name. Year Released; City, State: Production Company, Year Released on DVD/Video.

   50/50. DVD. Directed by Jonathan Levine. 2011; Santa Monica, CA: Summit Entertainment, 2012.

Basic Note Format: Title, Format, Directed by Director Full Name (Year Released; City, State: Production Company, Year Released on DVD/Video).

   50/50, DVD, Directed by Jonathan Levine (2011; Santa Monica, CA: Summit Entertainment, 2012).

   Parenthetical: (50/50 2011)

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