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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Required Exhibit Credits

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Adding Exhibit Credits

Every exhibit must have the following metadata about it's creations and re-use terms. It may be easiest to create a separate "Exhibit Credits" page, or it could be added into another page that is appropriate, for example an About or Introduction page -- but it must be included somewhere in the exhibit. Fields to include:

  • Author(s) Name(s) & Title(s)
  • Affiliation of Author (for example, partners may create a digital exhibit as part of an internship program, please include the name of that program)
  • Publication Date or Revision Date (if significantly revised later on)
  • Creative Commons License add appropriate CC BY license
  • Contact Information - Use Library eticket form or different email address 


Examples of Exhibit Credit Pages:





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