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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Digital Content Resources

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Marriott Library Digital Content Resources

When adding digital media to your exhibit site, depending on what your exhibit is about, you may want to use historical materials from credible sources. The Marriott Library has two major resources for historical digital media, the Marriott Digital Library and the Utah Digital Newspapers. This LibGuide on Digital Resources, will provide other resources outside of the University of Utah. 

When using the Marriott Digital Library, it is important to know there are many partner collections within the Marriott Digital Library (both within and outside of the University of Utah) that would require permission to use the item in a digital exhibit. Below are some pointers on searching on just the Marriott Library collections, requesting non-watermark images, and requesting permission to use images from major partners.

Using the Marriott Digital Library

In order to search on just the Marriott Library's holdings within the Marriott Digital Library, go the Advanced Search page from the home page. From here, you can add a specific search terms on specific metadata elements, date ranges, and search only on specific collections. This is where you can narrow your search on the University of Utah Marriott Library. This requires scrolling down alphabetically to U and then clicking the "University of Utah Marriott Library" which will automatically check all of the collections listed underneath.

If you find items of interest via different search methods, you can always look at the metadata to determine if t is part of a partner collection or from the Marriott Library. Another good way of deciphering this is looking at the item's set name, if it starts with "uum" it is from the University of Utah Marriott Library.

Requesting Non-Watermark Images

There are many images within the Marriott Library collections in the Digital Library that have watermarks. If you would like a non-watermark image, you will need to fill out a Reproduction Request and submit it to Special Collections. It is recommended to submit a batch of such image requests at the same time. 

Requesting Permission - Utah State Items

While there are many partner institutions that have collections in the Digital Library, the Utah Department Cultural and Community Engagement (formerly the Department of Heritage and Arts) is one of our largest contributors. In order to use any items from the Utah DCCE (formerly DHA) collections you'll need to request permission at To see more information about the DCCE, visit their website

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