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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Metadata Best Practices

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Metadata for Digital Exhibits Items

Depending on your project, you may have specific metadata requirements and a custom resource template. For most digital exhibits, the resource template for "Digital Exhibits Item" includes a succinct list of metadata elements that can be used. It is important to understand that OmekaS is a presentation layer, not a repository, therefore the metadata doesn't have the same requirements and functionality as metadata in a repository environment. 

Below is a lit of metadata elements included in the "Digital Exhibits Item" resource template with the recommended minimum elements highlighted in yellow. These include:

  • Title
  • Date (if available)
  • Creator (if available)
  • Link to the Item in the Digital Library and/or Link to Finding Aid
  • Link to Digital Collection (if one exists in the Digital Library)
  • Rights Statement


URIs - Linking to Resources

Linking to an item's record in the Digital Library, the digital collection the item is a part of in the Digital Library, and/or the finding aid in ArchivesWest is best practices. This allows users to view an item's full metadata record, explore the Digital Library collection, and/or review the finding aid which may lead to more exploration of Special Collections holdings. 

When adding these links to a record, it is recommended to hyperlink text instead of adding a URL to the record. For example, hyperlink the text "View in Digital Library, Collection Name, and Finding Aid with the respective links. When an item isn't in the Digital Library, link to the finding aid. 



Dates represent when a resource was created (not the digital copy) and should be added in a consistent format and it is recommended to follow the YYYY-MM-DD format that is used in the Digital Library. Date ranges, however, do not need to list ever year as is found in the digital library - these can be abbreviated to start year to end year. Circa dates are permitted when convenient. 

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