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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Storytelling Widgets

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Knigtlab Storytelling Tools

The Knightlab's Storytelling Tools offer variety of data visualization resources to add to your exhibit. Most of these involve using a Google Drive hosted Google Sheets with data which is then added to an OmekaS page with an iFrame in the HTML block source code. Below are a few of the more commonly used Kightlab storytelling tools for exhibits. Please see the the Knightlab's website for the full list of resources. 


The Knightlab's Timeline allows for the categorization and plotting dates along with images and links. This feature was used in the 1918 Flu Pandemic in Utah exhibit.


Story Maps

The Knightlab's Story Map feature is a wonderful way to add maps and geographic storytelling without requiring GIS skills or software licenses.

Story Line

The Knightlab's Story Line feature charts and plots data over time and allows for the visualization of complex data.

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