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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Creating Pages

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Creating Exhibit Pages

Once you've created your exhibit site, created an item set, and uploaded media to that item set, you're ready to add them to your exhibit pages. Exhibit pages can be created by adding a series of blocks, either HTML for text or media via a variety of plugin of options.

This section will take you through adding text, HTML options for altering text, and media plugin options.  

Add Pages

To get started, once you have created your exhibit site, go to the "Pages" section of the dashboard on the left and add a new page. 


Add a title for the page and URL slug. You can click on the eye icon to make a page visible online or hidden until you are ready to make it public. If you click on the "Add to navigation" box the page will automatically appear on the exhibit site's navigation. If you want to work on the page before having it appear on the site, you can add the page to the site's navigation later.

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