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Digital Exhibits with OmekaS : Adding Text

This guide provides basic instruction on how to use OmekaS for the Marriott Library Digital Exhibits platform.

Adding Text to Pages

WARNING: It is highly recommended that you draft all text for your exhibit in another document before copying and pasting into the page. OmekaS requires that you hit save in order to save your work - do not expect it to save automatically. When pages are open for a while, OmekaS tends to kick an error when hitting save after this extended period. So don't spend time writing with the page open then hit save - your writing may be lost. 

When copying and pasting from Google Docs and Word Docs, there may be some formatting issues that carry over to the OmekaS HTML box. For example, when copying and pasting form Google Docs - font is automatically set to bold (even when the font isn't bold in the Google Doc). To avoid this, you could copy text to Notepad first. To remove this, you may need to open the <> Source feature and remove the <b></b> from the HTML. 

Add HTML Block

Click the "HTML" block listed on the right in order to add a text block to your page. You can copy and paste (using "control + v" and "control + p").

There is a GUI that pops up and allows for text formatting, such as: hyperlinking, heading options, styles, bold, italics, underlines, bullet points, block quotations and more. 

Hyperlinking Text

When hyperlinking text, it is recommended that you set the "Target" to "New Window." This way when users click on a link, a new window pops up with the link while keeping the exhibit page open. This prevents users from getting lost and not finding their way back to the exhibit. 


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