Theatre: Costume Design

This guide provides links to basic theatre research: history, design, acting, production, scripts, videos, and careers.

Costume Resources in Books and DVDs

When preparing to design costumes for a show, you take into consideration many factors: the play’s setting location, time period, and characters’ professions, to name a few.  The same should be true for doing costume design research. Go to the main Production & Design page for suggestions on how to do this.

To find costume and fashion-related books at Marriott Library, go to the Library Catalog's Advanced Search mode, change the drop-down menu option from "Any" to "Subject". Copy your choice from the suggested Subjects below and paste it into the Subject search box. 

  • costume, clothing and dress, fashion, clothing trade
  • theatrical makeup, face painting, masks, hairdressing
  • folk art, material culture, social life and customs
  • millinery, tailoring, dressmaking
  • textile fabrics, weaving, tapestry, wool, dyes and dyeing
  • jewelry, dress accessories
  • hats, headgear, gloves, shoes, boots, coats
  • fashion in motion pictures

Costume Design Web Resources

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Costume Resources in Library Databases

You'll find visual examples and historical research articles on fashion, clothing, accessories, fabrics, textiles, and even costume renderings in the databases listed below.

Fashion, Costume, & Textile Museums & Archives

The American, Canadian, and British museums linked below provide some images of their vast and varied collections. These are not the only museums with fashion, costume, and textile collections, so consider exploring museums in other, international locations.

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